XStreamity V4.31

XStreamity V4.31

XStreamity V4.31-800x445 ipm3u tv -download oscam

XStreamity V4.31:

To download XStreamity V4.31 Official Release.  23/01/2024 openpli 8.3+ enigma2-plugin-extensions-xstreamity_4.31.20240123_all.ipk and enigma2-plugin-extensions-xstreamity_4.31_20240123_all.deb, click here: XStreamity V4.31


Version XStreamity V4.31:

Logo Tweak – straightened the “X”
-Removed rogue hyphen line – server.py
-Removed duplicate imports – mainmenu.py
-Removed unused menu list and corrected the enablewraparound on the real menu list / removed duplicate variable – playlists.py
-Reordered some code – plugin.py
-Removed enigma2.php reference as its no longer used in this plugin – processfiles.py
-Minor amend to haze skin lists
-Added reset data to main menu – incase you need to clear the json file – so you can do it from the plugin now rather than ftp.
-Added a restart gui prompt to main settings for the options that require a restart gui
-Added a default port 80 for playlist settings – for lines that don’t include it.

Main Settings – set the time convenient to you when your box is on.

Images that don’t allow threading (dreamboxes / older images ) will still get some freezing of box functionality when this happens. Viewing Live TV will be fine.
So set the download time when its not an inconvenience to you.
All other images should notice next to no freezing.

Install and setup XStreamity V4.31 step by step:

XStreamity V4.31-800x445 ipm3u tv -download oscam 2

Main Menu – New Manual EPG download – if you want to refresh EPG to see if its been updated. Or if you can’t wait for your set time.

X-STREAMITY-Multi-Xtreams-EPG-ipm3u tv 2
X-STREAMITY-Multi-Xtreams-EPG-ipm3u tv 2


X-STREAMITY-Multi-Xtreams-ipm3u tv4
X-STREAMITY-Multi-Xtreams-ipm3u tv4

X-STREAMITY-Multi-Xtreams-ipm3u tv5
X-STREAMITY-Multi-Xtreams-ipm3u tv5

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